Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Purpose

Serving you
Lord I thank you for the blessing of life The honor of being a mother and wife
I thank you for knowing what my heart desires, Even when I don’t do all you require
I hope I have done something today, That changes a Life in a Beautiful way.
I give you my all, my heart my mind, my hopes, my dreams, my love, my life
I give you everything that I am, I love you completely and few understand
I stand on my Faith and I always will I need you to Keep me Standing still
When the world around me seems so unsafe, so unsure
Such a Lost, lonely Place. Don’t they know you’re the cure?
Why can't everyone see you like Me In the birds, the flowers, the children, the trees
In the voice that can sing your highest praise
The dance that leaves even a professional dancer amazed
I see you in the mirror as I look at my nose, my ears my eyes whether open or close
Yet No matter how much or how often I know you are there
I still have my days when I feel I'm alone down here
So I turn and I ask that reflection of mine
What would God have me to do with my time?
to Serve you, to love you, to show others your grace
I want to be blessed to look into your face
Not just to say my race has been won, But to hear you say ”My child your job was well done”

Why do you think you are here? Is it just something that happened? I mean surely it is possible that the planets aligned at just the right time and there was a cosmic explosion and the moon touched the sun and Santa Clause called the Easter Bunny to schedule your delivery and the Tooth Fairy blew magic kisses into the air and wallah! Hmmmm, okay maybe not.

I respect other people's views on how we were created. I actually find it fascinating to listen to. I never tell an atheist that they are confused. I never tell anyone who believes different from me that they are wrong. I can not convince you of how I believe the human race came about. However I can believe anything I want. 

I feel like once you make that connection with God. Once you believe in him, you start to feel like he has a purpose especially for you. Many people say that it is a calling on your life. That holds a great deal of responsibility in this world. Especially if you know there are many that do not believe in God, let alone will they believe he called you to do something.

I have people in my life that encourage me over and over again to do more. I talk to them and I smile because they seem to think that God has called me to get something done. The funny part is I believe this is true, I just battle with What is it????? In my house I have many different personalities. I have had some of the boys fall in love with God like me and others tell me, "Mom, I am not sure what I believe." I admire that in them. I do not expect my kids to feel like I do about everything, I want them to think for themselves. In any case when they hear me talk to people about my calling they are still supportive. They are respectful of my faith, my beliefs, my place and how I feel about God. One of my older boys told me once that I am destined to change peoples' lives in a positive way, and if my faith gets me there then that is all that matters. 
My Faith, is the engine of my life!

My MS WALK TEAM 2012......"My Sister's Keeper" Helping Me with My Purpose

I try to serve God the best that I know how. It has been hard at times because my husband is not at the same spiritual place as I am so that can be a struggle. He is far closer than he was 20 years ago and for that I feel blessed. There are others in my life that are supportive but do try to remind me that God doesn't exist the way I think he does. That can be a challenge. It doesn't keep me from doing what I believe I should do but it does sometimes put me in an awkward position. I am one of those people that praise God a lot. I see him in everything and I feel like that is a blessing. I have come to realize that there are people who say they don't believe mostly because they feel he has let them down. He hasn't! I know it seems like you prayed and prayed for something and never got it but God knows best and he wants what is best for you.

Okay sorry I am going off into another topic. This topic is about finding your purpose in the world by working for the Lord. I sat at the doctor's office one day and listened to a lady complain about her arm hurting. I mean she was complaining! I said, "Excuse me, I know you are waiting for the doctor, but I have some ibuprofen." She looked at me as if I had slapped her in the mouth.she replied, "Ibuprofen for what?" I felt a little awkward so I just smiled. She said, "Oh for my arm?" And I shook my head "Yes." Just then another woman came in on a cane and sat beside her. The woman with the arm issue snapped at her,"Where have you been mother!?" she asked loudly. Her mother who may have been 80 or older said, "I got on the elevator and I got lost, a nice young man helped me get here." I just sat there listening. "I let you out right at the door and you said you knew where you were going!" her daughter yelled. The nurse came out and talked to them and then took the older lady into the exam room. I pretended to read. I was hoping the ibuprofen issue was over. "That's why my arm hurts," the daughter said. I listened, "I have to help her in the car and out the car and up the stairs and down the stairs, her dementia is killing me!" I was SHOCKED! I could not believe what I just heard. "Oh and no thank you on the pills," she said. The nurse called my name.

I saw the older woman in the room and I waved to her. She said."Aren't you sweet?" I peeked my head in and I said, "God bless you I hope your visit goes well." She smiled so big and said,"Well that is the nicest thing I have heard in days." I waved goodbye. I thanked God for giving me the words to say. I felt so bad for this woman after seeing her daughter treat her so badly. I was glad I was there. I believe God placed me there so that I could remind her that God loves her and I cared.

Whether you want to believe it or not, you are here for a reason. You are not a carbon copy. You are an individual, with a purpose. If you have strayed away from God just pray your way back. He is waiting and he can not wait to embrace you and bless you with your calling. There is no greater job in this world than working for Christ and when this is all over it is that work that will come to people's minds. 

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