Thursday, November 6, 2014


Why God Allowed The Break... (my response to a 15 year old girl)
When I was around 11 or 12 I remember hearing someone that I love and respected refer to me in comparison to someone else as " skinny and black with the short hair, I really don't care for" Now for me this was life changing because it was the first time in my life I realized that People that say they "love you" will actually turn on you and create pain for you and even exhibit hatred for you while your back is turned

This morning I was singing and answering messages and I had one from a 15 year old girl who had recently endured something similar to what I had when I was 11. It took me a moment to reply to her because I had to rewind time and remember and reflect on that particular BREAK that I had experienced in my spirit. As I remembered I started to pray. And God gave me an unbelievable answer. He allowed that break in my spirit because he was trying to get in. Now please pay close attention to that. God ALLOWED me to be broken so that he could enter and begin a work in me way back then. The people that I loved most in the world had become the people that were the most hurtful. And I didn't know where to turn at the time because MY BREAK was made by Someone that had always protected me from being broken. I replied to this young girl and I cried as I did. I told her that she is being chosen by God for something greater than she can imagine. But right now there is so much going on in her life, even God has to make an entrance in order to change her life!

For some of us illness is the break. For some of us a broken relationship is the break. For some an unimaginable loss is the break. Because the BREAK has to be big enough to open you up. To make you uncomfortable enough that you seek MORE when you feel like LESS!

The BREAK HURTS! We all have experienced breaks.And someone we love and respect is usually the breaker.... I have experienced a few of them. But I know now that when you have a calling, an anointing, a special place in God's heart, a favor in your spirit. God needs your attention! And even though Oprah wants us to believe we all have these AH HAH moments. For many of us it isn't a bright light that engulfs our spirit to make us change it is a BREAK. It is darkness and loneliness. That makes us look for the light. So in the process of being broken,we allow God an opportunity to begin his work in our lives.The light is then turned on.

I will repeat...The Break HURTS and there will be more than one. There will be as many as it takes for God to remind us that he needs to reside in us, he needs to use us, he is our all in all. People will fail you! People will discard you. People will lie, cheat, abuse and use you. But when you feel BROKEN.......God is trying to get in!!! Think of a time in life where the simplest thing or the worse thing seemed to ruin your spirit. But suddenly you felt like you were changing and growing,.....that is because God allowed the break so that he could build!