Tuesday, September 8, 2015

YOUR Story Could Save Their Life

An opportunity to share your story comes each and everyday. We pass people on the streets, in the store, gas stations, school and work that need to hear our stories. We are not taught to just blurt out all that we have been through. We are actually taught the opposite. Keep secrets. Family business is family business. Do not tell anyone about this or that. Lives are usually impacted and changed through the sharing of our lives. Our testimonies show someone who is lost that they can be found. We are quite often the light they need to move forward.

I often encourage people to mentor or spend time with young people. I believe that we can keep them safe sometimes just by letting them know that trouble, is not a necessity in their lives. And by honestly saying, :hey I messed up too once or twice."

If the things you have gone through in your life taught you valuable lessons just imagine what it could do if you share it. If you threw caution to the wind and stepped out and said "HERE I AM! I SURVIVED! THIS IS HOW!" We share so much on social media and text messages. But the gems of information that we have been blessed to acquire in our lifetime, go unshared.

What if I told you that you could save a life by sharing some of the hardest parts of yours? Your neighbor has a beautiful yard. You want yours to look the same. So you go next door and you ask, "How do you keep your yard so beautiful?" They invite you in and share their secrets and tips, Nothing for them to lose by helping you. The same thing goes for our lives and sharing them with people that just do not know what to do. Your struggle with MS, Cancer, rape survival, abuse survival, unemployment, drugs,...are all testimonies that someone needs to hear! You made it out. Now reach back and grab someone else.

I started this blog because I realized that I was not the only person dealing with disease and loss and pain. I felt better when I shared my life. I felt like I was doing something besides being "sick".
The reality is everyone will not care about your story but so many people need to hear it that those few who don't have no relevance. If God has placed in a place where you have climbed from the valley or sacrificed to live or fought to stay happy, you are meant to share that.

I will never run out of testimony. God has pulled me out so many times. I have survived and endured so many things. I have to spread the word to so many people. I know you feel weird or uncomfortable sometimes sharing your pain and your past. But if you are alive today to share it, then you should!

We owe it to one another to offer up as much help and advice as we can. No it is not a pact or a plan. It is a part of the human condition. We need one another. Because we endure so many of the same situations.  I create bonds. My husband say I know half of the world and I love the other half. Actually I love all of the world. And if I can make a difference in one person;s life by sharing where i have been and what I have been through,....I will do it.

Tell your story, share your gems, reach out and grab someone that has no idea what to do next. Trust me, the day will come when someone will do the same for you. Their story may save your life or vice versa.



  1. Once again, you have beautifully articulated a very helpful and wise concept.

  2. Thank you Connie!!! Love you my friend <3

  3. This is very good 4 u & well said Valerie :) I wish u weller & better every day & that u'r book's very successful :)