Monday, April 25, 2016

Who Asked You?

Everyone has an opinion on someone else's life. I totally get it. Opinions are one of the most predictable things human beings do,

My question is "Who asked you?"
I am just wondering if we understand the damage our opinions cause. Sometimes our opinions make a situation worse or more uncomfortable. Which is why it's always good to wait and see if they want your opinion..... Some of us are OPINION EXPERTS! we have all the answers to solve all your problems. While our own life is in disarray. Look at it this way....If my neighbor;s roof is leaking and so is mine, I should work on my own roof before trying to tell my neighbor how to fix his. Otherwise, we may both drown!

I love to give my opinion if someone ask me for it . I will even ask, "Are you sure you want my opinion?"  I don't just hand opinions out like free apples, So many of our closest relationships are damaged  or ruined because we gave our opinion. It is so important to know the difference between advice and opinion. We also have to know when either is warranted.
You can imagine some of the opinions I deal with. Here are a few....

You would feel better of you stopped homeschooling.
You would feel better if you exercised more
Most of the time doctors are just guessing, you look fine to me
You just need to eat right
And on and on.....

Why is it so important that we interject ourselves into other people's issues without an invitation? Our relationships are usually fed from our love and appreciation for other people. We have to be sire that we do not allow respect to fall to the back burner just to offer our 2 cents on a $500 situation. We need to be supportive of course. However, sincerity is never shadowed by being rude or loose lips.

I know that we will always offer our opinions. I just want to make sure we police our own lives as much as we police other people's. Ask yourself before you offer a word or two "How would I feel if it was me in this situation?" You may decide that being quiet is the best thing to do. We have to take responsibility for the things we allow to come out of our mouths. The tongue is powerful! Use it wisely. We can give hugs and an ear to listen without being rude or hurtful or overstepping our boundaries.

Who asked you???
Don't let your relationships start ending because of your opinion. :)



  1. I have clients that have disabilities and are aged. I am discovering that what comes out of some people's mouths are due to their brains not working properly or they are on meds. This has helped me a lot with processing communication from people. The things people say can catch you off guard. Therefore, I am usually always prepared for people to say the worst harmful things. Sometimes it may come across as a joke. Then again I have to be careful about the jokes that come out of my mind. People do not always hear things they way they are said. The best thing to do is to just allow yourself to be offended. It is hard at times and we are obligated to correct people when it is safe or when they are in condition to receive. When people say rude things or something inappropriate, I just look at them and listen. If you allow them to talk, they have to hear how rude and ridiculous they sound. It is another way of nonverbally saying, "did you hear what you just said?"

  2. Correction. The best thing to do is to not allow yourself to be offended by things people say. It is wasted energy.