Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't Be Mad Because I am Happy

Why is it that people find it hard to be loving? Why is it that when you are positive people think you are faking or doing to much? Why is it that being miserable and defeated and bitter are understood quicker than being happy, joyful, excited in the face of  the unknown? Has negativity really become the new normal? I pray not. If so then I will be abnormal from now on.

I grew up with a very nice size family. My mother, a college graduate, a registered nurse, an insurance broker, and an active member of the community was who we girls wanted to be. She was a powerhouse. My dad was the meeker and more introverted one in the group. He only roared when you stepped on his tail.We were taught that nothing was impossible. We were pushed to dream, believe, and work hard. We were also taught that happiness was a magnet. The happier you were the more happiness you had. That stuck with me!!

I was the girl in college that joined all the choirs and clubs that involved being empowered and being positive. I used to smile so much my Psych professor asked me, "Are you serious?" I just laughed and said, "Yes." I mean I felt like I had so much to look forward to and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Even as I finished school and started working with plans to start law school, I was happy. The future just seemed like it held so much promise for me and at that time my growing family(boy did it grow) wasn't holding me back, they were my reason to push forward.

I wasn't rich. I worked, I prayed, I trusted, I believed and God provided, There were bad days but my bad days were mine. I didn't give them to other people. I handledp the bad and the ugly more than I care to remember. That didn't mean I had to be negative because bad things were happening. This was not a trick. This was not fake. This was how I was raised and what I believed in. I didn't hang out with negative people. I didn't feed into negative attitudes. I spoke to you, you rolled your eyes, I kept walking. Because I knew that I was GOOD on the inside! I had NO CONTROL over how you felt. Maybe my saying Hi would brighten your day. Maybe it wouldn't. What is most important is I loved being happy. I truly did. And I din't mine sharing.

As I got older it was the same old stuff. my family members even talked about me. My husband said I was just too nice. I had to remind him that I was nice to him. I just feel like there is nothing wrong with being positive and supportive as much as possible. It helps you to see the world in a way that other's don't. You see the possibilities. You see the greatness and beauty of God's blessings. You see life as a reason to be happy and hopeful. That is a quality you should never want to change and no one should  want you too.

My friends say people ask them if I am for real. It always makes me laugh. I am forty years old, diagnosed with illnesses, dealing with raising kids, maintaining a household, serving the Lord, and living my life. I don't have time to close my refrigerator sometimes! Let alone pretend to be happy, I am exactly who I say I am. I was raised happy. I try to live happy and I plan to die happy. The funny thing about happiness is, there is enough for everyone!

I know there are many people in the world like me, I have met some. I am friends with some. And we love each other. If you are a HAPPY, UPBEAT, POSITIVE Person, stay that way. Spread that happiness. It really is contagious. Do not let other's make you feel like being happy or feeling blessed a majority of the time makes you fake or weird. You are just like God wants you to be. And he placed you in their path to show them that everything is not doom and gloom. So they can see that there are people that take a hit, get knocked down, roll around, get up, dust off and smile. Always stay true to the person God made you. I am happy. I am blessed. I am honest. I am strong. I am optimistic. I am loyal. I am tough. I am passionate and compassionate. I am a victor not a victim. I am intuitive. I am spiritual. I am worthy. I am human. I am forgiving. I am imperfect and self aware. I am comfortable, secure, and satisfied with me.

I'm happy. I won't apologize for that. People don't apologize for being miserable and I don't expect them too. I have those days myself. But when you see someone that seems like they trust in God's promises and believe things can get better and hope for the best, get close to them. Don't push them away.

And NEVER BE MAD Because Someone else is Happy.



  1. Love it! That's right, if you never hand over your joy, then nobody can ever take it from you! God's anointing is all over that's FOR REAL!! Continue to walk in His grace Val.

  2. Thank you Robben. I refuse to crawl into the hole labeled Victim. I will smile and laugh and praise God as long as i have breath, that is what gives me the Victory! All my love Sister!