Friday, February 15, 2013

That Empty Feeling, What Does It Mean

This topic is dedicated to my friends that have told me they feel empty over the last few weeks.. It is not an attempt to make them feel like that feeling isn't one we all have felt or it isn't a feeling that makes sense. This topic is to share how I make sense of that empty feeling. All my love Dawn, Nancy, Rhonda, Kim and anyone else needing an emotional and spiritual refill.

We are not expected to run on empty. As a matter of fact, it isn't possible. Our bodies need fuel. Our cars need fuel. Our spirits need to be filled. It seems like the feeling of emptiness can come without warning. It isn't like the warning light in our cars that lights up with the tank is low. It isn't like the growl we feel in our bellies when we haven't eaten in awhile. No,... emotional emptiness usually has no warning.

Really it comes from nowhere at times. It can be brought on by so many things but once you hit empty you feel like you are stuck there. I know for me, I use to feel like everything would happen at once. I was sick, my baby was sick, the electricity was off, the car wasn't running, I was broke, and couldn't afford my medications. All in one day. I hit empty and I was emotionally exhausted.

Then I realized that every time I hit empty soon after I was filled up again. It was as if God had to bring me to the point where I was exhausted in order to energize me. I can remember times when I didn't even know how I made it through the day. So much had happened and I never imagined being able to get through it and make it too another day. But I did. And eventually I felt a sensation of happiness coming back. It was as if I could hear God pouring life back into me.

It is the days when we feel the emptiest that God is preparing us to be filled. The relationships that we long to mend and repair, the bills we can't pay, the sadness that seems to just attach itself to our lives, can all bring about that empty, unfulfilled, ignored, punished and lonely feeling. But if we can just hold on a little longer. Keep stretching that faith, it will not break! Then one day you will wake up and feel like God has answered every prayer over night. You will appreciate those fill up days. You will testify to God's ability to prepare and repair!

DO NOT turn and run. DO NOT throw in the towel. Even if you have to call on each loved one to emotionally carry and support you until you are filled again. You do that! Would they loan you $20.00 for gas until payday? This is where support can make the difference and prevent the transition from empty to depressed from taking place.

God is listening. He knows you are hurting, lonely, lost, scared, confused. He has to clean us up and get us to empty before we can be prepared and capable of being filled back up with joy, happiness, and grace, You wouldn't pull away from the gas pump while gas was pumping into your car, right? DO Not pull away from God while we wait to be filled. That wait increases our faith and builds our strength.

We will all go through the empty moments. We have to carry each other during those times.But Don't give up when your feeling empty it just means God is coming to heal your heart and fill your soul.