Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Problem With People

I am so intrigued by people. I watch them everywhere I go. I like to see how they interact with each other as well as how they interact with me. I enjoy kindness, I smile when I see people being genuinely kind to one another. I feel like that is how God would have it, But we all know that everyone is not kind. And that really intrigues me.

Now someone may be quick to say, "You don't know what someone is dealing with so don;t judge their mood or their attitude." I agree with that. However, I feel the same way about people who are doing something that we consider odd or out of place simply because it isn't what we would do.

For example, I am at CVS Pharmacy picking up prescriptions. I finish my transaction and immediately sanitize my hands with the sanitizer in my handbag. This is what I do each and everyday because my immune system is compromised and I know people's hands can be dirty. I have hand sanitizer around my home as well. okay, so a lady standing behind me in line says out loud, "That was rude." I was kind of shocked. I just stared at her.

See my issue with this is two things. (1) It was none of her business when, where, or how I cleaned my hands. (2) She was just being nosy and purposefully rude. Why in the world should she care that I cleaned my hands? It was none of her damn business, period. As I walked away and stared at her she looked at the ground. Really lady????? You had so much to say earlier.

This is a serious problem with people. If you can't be of some help, mind your business, stop being hypocrites, put yourselves in someone else's shoes, be more compassionate to possibilities. You don't know why someone has a facial mask on in the department store. You don't know why a woman has on gloves at the restaurant. You don't know why a lady is crying at the stoplight beside you. You don't know why someone's hands are shaking when they are paying for something. YOU DON'T KNOW!

We have to stop assuming we have the answers to everyone's issues. If you have not lived their life, how do you know their story? You don't. So instead of jumping to conclusions or getting involved in something that does not concern you without any empathy or sympathy, think!

I wonder if I was standing in the same CVS getting slapped around by my husband if this same woman would have had something to say. Would she have dialed 911? Would she have offered me a shoulder to cry on, a ride home, a tissue? I can't say. I will say this, In that moment being on the receiving end of rude behavior I felt like she only said something because she was weak minded. She couldn't get that I had a reason for cleaning my hands. And she knew that she had no plans to clean hers. So in a way my own personal gesture, made her feel bad about herself.

Imagine how you feel when you see something in public that doesn't make sense to the world you live in. WE all are guilty of doing a double take or whispering or giggling. Mainly because other people's issues make us uncomfortable to a degree. A man with a burned face or a woman missing a limb. Even the homeless man on the corner with the sign in hand makes you think a hundred things at that stoplight. It's the truth.

People have really got to understand that we are not all the same. We all deal with a variety of issues in our lives. Some are suffering, some are odd, some are struggling, some are just different. As the world should be! Don't make it your business to rudely  interject into someone else's situation. Find out how you can be of some help! Not hurt.

I tell my kids each trash day to go out and pick up our recycle bins. They pick up ours and the neighbors on both sides of us and return them to their porches. They do this because it's thoughtful, helpful. and kind. One of my neighbors is 100 years old. She has a huge family and they love her, But we don't sit and watch her recycle bin sit out front until one of her kids stop by and we don't judge them for not coming. We do our part. I saw a lady with Parkinson's trying to pay for her groceries one day. There were four people between her and I. Everyone was grumbling that she was taking to long. I immediately walked ahead of the line and assisted her. I did my part!

The problem with people is we want to be involved without being involved. We want to stand on the sideline and shout but never get in the game. Just think maybe today is your day to get in the game and help someone else. Instead of standing over to the side passing judgement. Hold yourself accountable for doing something in this world. WE have to. I think selfish is a word we use but don't understand. We are all connected. And when we see each other hurting or in need, we should reach out. And if there is nothing you can do or you just feel the situation is bigger than you, don't be rude. That won't help anyone.


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