Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Thaw Comes From Within

Snow is beautiful to look at.
It makes us Oooohhh and Awww
But Nothing is more beautiful than when the ice begins to thaw..........

I had to learn a long time ago that my attitude towards my circumstances had a great deal to do with the outcome. When I first became ill, I was a little negative. I was irritated by doctors and test. I was tired of feeling  misunderstood or all alone. I was at a place where I felt like my situation was just UNFAIR, period! There had to be someone in the world that deserved the pain I was feeling. I mean I was a good person. Then I realized that my situation may seem dark  and bitter but my attitude was worse. I needed to feel better and I wanted to be better but I had not accepted the fact that ONLY I could rise above my situation. It did not matter how many specialist I saw or medications I took. If I did not heal my view and change my outlook, I was already giving in,

It can be so hard to be positive when you are hurting and confused. When you are mourning or sad, you cannot always see the sun through the clouds. You can't imagine that a rainbow will ever show up. We become trapped in our circumstances and prisoners of our pain. The truth is even at my lowest point I felt as if God had forgotten me. Left me behind to care for myself. There was nothing true about that. I had to come to grips with how changing my mind would change my life.

I started waking up and claiming a "good day" before I got out of bed. I started affirming that my pain was temporary and that I was in line for a miracle. Why not??? I had tried it the other way and I was miserable. I had nothing to lose.

I know that illness,pain, grief and depression have a way of controlling our lives. I would never say you should not seek professional help if you are depressed. I am saying if we can convince ourselves to only speak positively over our lives and remind ourselves that our power to be better is in our ability to say it out loud, "I am better, I feel healing and restoration coming, and I thank God for it!" The bottom line is if I have been bitter, angry, confused, and hopeless with no change in my situation, what harm could the opposite reactions be?

It will not be easy to change your outlook at first, Just as dieting takes some getting use to, so does a change in thought process. However, it will not be long before you start to love the way you feel spiritually once you start claiming good health and happiness. I feel as if, my grumbling and whining were almost like me telling God that I didn't trust or believe in him. I had allowed my fear to eliminate my faith. I was so sure that the doctors were right. I had been looking at my life all wrong.

I receive messages from people that say they love my blog but they are not religious or they don't believe in God. I always respond with respect. I know that in my life God is my anchor and I encourage anyone that feels like a ship in a stormy sea, to seek God. That will lead you to understanding the power that your faith has. It says. "Lord even though I can not see the victory, I believe you that it's coming." If God is not a part of your life you can still speak hope and happiness.  We put our trust in people daily. sometimes we are disappointed and sometimes we are surprised. God will not disappoint you, trust him,  Speak life and claim joy even when you are not feeling your best, claim healing.

I will never forget how sad I used to be, How alone I felt. How bitter I was. Right up until I realized that being positive even when the doctors gave me years to live and months to walk was my way of fighting back! I am still alive and walking, sometimes with a cane, after 14 years of being told to give up, You will eventually realize that the more you pour faith into your dark places, the more your light will shine and there will be a spiritual shifting in the atmosphere.

We have every right to be mad, We also have every reason to believe that this THING will turn around. It may be time to trade your fear in for some faith, It will not fail you. Encourage yourself that you have the power to speak good health and life over any circumstance that threatens you. We may be temporarily frozen and overwhelmed but remember the thaw comes from within.


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