Friday, May 15, 2015

My Book, My Journey, My Life!!! Go Fund Me!!

Hey guys, I appreciate your support and your dedication to reading my blog. I wanted to share my next step with you. I have started a GOFUNDME in an attempt to have my book :Chosen not Cheated" self published. Please take a look and share the link if you don't mind!!! Blessings Always.   ( Copy and Paste)

Hi! My name is Valrie. I am a married mom of six and a grandmother of three. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have suffered loss, death, domestic abuse, selling drugs, heart disease, rape, jail, and depression that made me suicidal. But I am still here and still fighting!

I have always felt like God was calling me. Sometimes in a whisper and sometimes in a scream, I had done a good job of avoiding him. I mean I appreciated all that he did for me. I recognized that he protected me and saved me from a great deal of holes that I had dug for myself. I just was not ready to answer him. I mean it was his fault too that I had suffered so much, right? I was a child when I was thrown into being an adult. I was raising my son with his father when his father was killed in an accident. I was trying to survive when I was selling drugs to please the drug dealer I was dating. Where was God when I was getting beat up and pistol whipped? Where was he when I was dying from heart complications after having my second son? What about the time I was raped, I was sick, I was struggling! Where was he? All the calling but very few answers when I called out.

I had sons that were very sick babies. One had a stroke at 10 months old. I was there. I never left my son until he was better. Why did God keep leaving me? Now here I am dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and listening to a doctor tell me that I also had Multiple Sclerosis, the kind that would get worse and Scleroderma. I recently had to fight depression and suicide. Where was God? Why was he cheating me all the time? What had I done to deserve being picked on? I was mad. I was disappointed. Then it hit me. Maybe, just maybe God was choosing me and not cheating me 
Aftersome REAL SOUL searching, I realized that God was creating a testimony in my life. Proof of grace, mercy, and survival. I knew I had to share my story and so I decided to write it. "Chosen not Cheated"  is the rollercoaster ride of my life. The pain, the joy, the low, the high. It's all in there. I am still learning and still surviving everyday with these illnesses. Chemo and steroids, partial paralysis, inability to speak some days, loss of memory, and haunted by the past at times I still trust God that my journey will end in VICTORY!!!

I have looked into so many different ways to tell my story. I have a blog @ and I share a great deal on my Facebook page  as well.  I even started a Spirituality page on Facebook
However, I know that my testimony can help so many more people if I could get it published.  And more opportunities to speak in various platforms.
I have prayed and thought about it so much over the last year.  And after some convincing from friends and family I decided to ask you all to help me in my quest to have "Chosen not Cheated"self  published. So many times when we feel picked on, God is actually picking us out! 

Blessings XOXO

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