Monday, October 26, 2015

It's Your Season

Aggravated by the silence. No movement. Just the booming sound of nothing…reminding me that my hopes and dreams are sleeping. And the only way to wake what sleeps is to call it’s name. To command it’s attention. The quiet is deafening…….where did the time go? Everyone around me is climbing ladders and breaking records. And the world seems to be moving past me. The silence! I can’t take it anymore. I’m trapped in the waiting room. On the basement floor…..Then there’s a break in the noise….and it’s the remarkable sound of God’s voice. He says “I have watched you waiting to make your dreams come true…..and it seemed like you would never do what you were called to do. Well now is the time and there is no more silence. And I’ll even give you the reason. You may have felt ready and tired of waiting. But now IT IS FINALLY YOUR SEASON……


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