Monday, October 26, 2015

The Wind Blew

And Then The Wind Blew!
I’m often said to be to much
I remember when I wasn’t enough

They said I had big lips and wide hips. Long legs and dark skin. I talked”white” But not white enough to blend in. They said my forehead was big. And my nose was small. I heard what they said. I heard it all. Then one day the wind blew.
And my lips were full, my hips had sex appeal. My dark skin was no longer a sin. And my forehead was a sign that I had a creative mind. Then the wind blew.
Now My nose was sweet and my legs went on and on. The ME that they passed on was the Me that had passed them. Graceful and articulate. Now they want to follow me and be near me wherever I sit. And NOBODY remembers when I was not enough. When I had to much attitude and not enough hair and my behind sat high but my zip code was to low.
They forgot about the verbal bricks and invisible stones they threw. And I will never forget that no matter what you said NOTHING MADE ME WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU. And then the wind blew.
I had grown into a Queen and I polished my crown.
While it sits on my head because I NEVER LOOKED DOWN. See now I am
TO MUCH Because I’m out of your reach. A caterpillar transformed with wings like an eagle. Same lips hips and legs that were not enough. Same nose and same voice….YOU should have loved me back then like I did. And understood I was just a kid because now…..the wind blew.
And I’m way to much. The sun rose and fell 5,000 times and God was preparing me for mine. I remember when I wasn’t enough…..And then the wind blew….. And BAM. Mrs. NOT enough is Now Mrs. I Love who I am. I had plans to get close to you and go over our lives. To reminisce about all the old times…and then the wind blew……


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