Monday, October 26, 2015

The N Word

Just talked to my 7 year old Chamberland about what nigga means
Read With Caution….
The word Nigga
Will make you stop reading right here
Not because you are prejudice
Because it is the backlash that we fear
See, some of us will say it
And then wait with out a doubt
For the word Nigga
To come out the wrong person’s mouth
I can grab a mic and I can say Nigga did or Nigga don’t
Because the color of my skin says
This ain’t the Nigga that you want.

We march and say change your name back to the African name of the slave
But do we understand that the A. FRI. CAN
had no choice in the name that they gave
Just like they had no choice nor did they have a voice
When their own kings and queens sold them off
So forgive me please I will keep my name
My family came here from the south
Where your name meant more than the land you owned and your family meant more than your status. We give the world POWER when the word offends us,… The POWER to offend and to trap us
And if I stand up and say, take responsibility
For the things we as people do wrong’Then the activist with the mighty fist
Will say I’ve been around white folks to long
I just want to see if unity is possible before I die
If blacks, whites and browns can one day come around
Without airplanes falling from the sky
Because tragedy should not be the ONLY TIME we can come together
Love, Hope and Joy for the girls and the boys
And the being HUMAN is all that really matters
Police do the wrong thing and get 20 minutes of pain
Black families 30 years of bereavement
Because some cop saw a Nigga
And he pulled the trigga
Another life gone that we needed
But when Bad Jesse Jones..comes along with his crew
And kills one of his own black brothers
We march once again
And try to pretend that WE ALWAYS love one another
You can’t shake me with a word that means ignorant and lack of understanding
Because I know I’m not a Nigga
And honestly, the nigga is the fool that keeps saying it.
You have no idea why you use such a ridiculous word
to describe who you don’t understand.
You think because you make more money
Or you own some lucrative land
that the politicians that are on a mission to keep us all at each other’s throat
Will NOT one day be standing in your front yard
With the lynch mob and 10 feet of rope.
It’s a word. Stop being held captive by our ancestor’s fights and wars
Niggas can be whoever you think is plain ignorant
They don’t have to be rich or poor
Just remember that the word is fueled
when we continue to supply the power
And it often rolls of the lips of a racist you know he is also a coward
And if you think a nigga, has to be of the African American heritage
I would love to show you the definition
You may be shocked to see what Webster says it is
Dom’t ask why do black people say Nigga
Because they DO NOT OWE YOU an answer
We were once called Negroes and Colored
Strippers use to be Exotic Dancers
The word Nigga
Will make you uncomfortable
Not because the word is strong
But because of the history behind it
Nigga,…will always be wrong

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